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need to carb load

soy and cultured milk products

rotator cuff and lateral raise

carb loading with alcohol

timing of resistance training

breakfast and overtraining

support belts and negative accentuation during consolidation

optimal cardio training duration

mother of toddler fighting for your health

interval between sets and exercises

macronutrient intake and long distance running

creatine loading

precision timing supplementation

children, growth plates, and lifting weights

military press and rotator cuff

gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and growth hormone

bananas, cross training, dragon boating

carbohydrate content of low carb bars

blood type and food

Flu Report - protecting yourself

Flu Report - Cytokine Storm Theory

cytokine storm theory follow up

no time to workout


resuming exercise after a layoff

how to gain fat
reducing bodyfat to 6-7%



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